Bitzenberger Jig

Bitzenberger Jig

Bitzenberger Jig

Bitzenberger Jig- Custom Set & Nock On Approved

The Bitzenberger arrow fletching jig is a bullet proof design that we have custom for you to the exact specs of John Dudleys preferred arrow build. This lets you easily start fletching like a pro right out of the box with no adjustments unless you want to change it.



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Each Custom Bitzenberger jig has been inspected and preset to the exact specs of Dudleys personal arrow builds. You will easily be able to open the box and start fletching a 4 fletch 2.5 degree right helical without any adjustments. If you chose to use your own configuration you can either watch our set up video or follow the directions for an endless variety of fletching options.

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