Quickstand Rods for NTN Bow

Quickstand Rods for NTN Bow

Quickstand Rods for NTN Bow

The Quickstand is specifically designed for the PSE Evo NTN 33 model bow. The carbon rods easily screw into the riser to perfectly prop up the bow for use on the range or ground blind.



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The Quickstand rods are easily threaded into the PSE NTN 33 bow riser to perfectly prop of the bow. They are designed for use on the range, hunting blind or back patio. You can shoot with the rods installed on the bow with no change in feel or impact. Quickstand rods come standard with slip free silicone caps. One rod is equipped with a female insert so you can screw the rods together to easily transport in you arrow quiver. (Female insert rod is designated with a silver line above the silicone cap.) * Quicksand is only designed for the PSE EVO NTN 33 model bow.

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