Nock On HECS Stealth Suit

Nock On HECS Stealth Suit

Nock On HECS Stealth Suit

The Nock On HECS high performance stealth screen suit blocks your electronical energy field to game animals. This is a scientific fabric that keeps you warm and dry while helping you get closer to game without being sensed. 


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It is proven that many animals can detect your electronic emissions that your body naturally produces. 

HECS technology uses a carbon fiber conductive grid to block your electrical energy field making you more invisible to game. HECS is based on the “Faraday Cage” principle, invented in 1836 by English scientist, Michael Faraday. A Faraday Cage is an enclosure made of a conductive mesh material that blocks electrical fields by channeling the electricity throughout the mesh. It is used to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes or in screen rooms, which allows for environments to be free of electromagnetic interference. 

HECS uses a carbon fiber conductive mesh that is integrated into garments which, when you wear them, create a Faraday Cage that keeps your electrical energy field from getting out. This keeps your electronic field less perceivable to many of the animals you hunt. 


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